Indie Author Support Network – Born April 12th 2013

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Author/Book Talk, General Thoughts/Rants
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So, I guess first we should thank Richard Stephenson for copying us all into his original email asking for help with promoting his ‘Collapse’ freeby (accident or well thought out plan to help us indie authors?) – Cheers Richard!

I see this newly formed group as a way for us writers to get our work and our promotions out there and in front of potential readers that wouldn’t necessarily have come across our blogs or tweets, etc.

Marc Brown has volunteered to set up the Facebook page (top guy) and will send out an email when we can all go and sign our souls over to the devil here is the link to get involved.

I know there are other groups like this around, I guess some are still going strong and others have likely flaked away into nothing.

I would say the best thing for the Facebook page is to put up your info for any promo help with all info and appropriate links in place. I think things will work a lot smoother if the author of the book does as much of the work as possible, allowing the other group members to just copy and paste into a tweet or blog post, or even just share on FB.

Of course, we can be super helpful if we have the time and the inclination to write a short blog post for promos and why your followers should download the book, which is to be commended, but I think we’d all agree that any help in this business is a big boost.

I’d also like to think we can answer each other’s questions on the Facebook page.

Naya Lizardo had the idea of using #IASNet as a Twitter hashtag, which a few of us have already been using already (oh, I love it when a plan comes together).

I think as a guideline, maybe every time you tweet something using this tag, as a courtesy, perhaps tweet two or three others tweets which incorporate #IASNet. I believe this should keep the wheels turning. We are not expecting each other to spam our own followers for the sake of this group.

Ultimately, I hope we are all here to help each other. If we can each dedicate even just ten minutes a week (there is obviously no maximum time limit) to retweeting or mentioning in a blog post a book promotion by someone in the Indie Author Support Network, then I don’t see how this experiment could fail.

Please feel free to leave comments/recommendations for the group here until the Facebook page is up and running.

One last thing…

My book ‘Get Clean’ is available for free both Sunday 14th April and Monday 15th  – Below are the links, and if you could mention the freeby in a blog post that would be awesome. I’ll tweet the info using the new hashtag!

Amazon US

Amazon UK

I thank you all in advance for your help.

Jams N. Roses

  1. Hello, and what a great post, introducing the world to this new group. I plan on helping, but not if I know nothing about the other authors’ works. I’m happy to review and then post blogs, tweets etc, when I’m sure the thing I’m promoting isn’t something I’m going to regret promoting (for instance, like books that have obviously not been edited and need editing). I’m looking forward to participating in this group, but I don’t expect others to do what I won’t do, and vice versa. I’m hoping I’m not pressured into doing what I’m not crazy about by the group and likewise for the others participating. (And those emails were starting to get irritating, no matter how much I liked the ideas and what has come from them – lol.) I’m looking forward to getting to know you and the others!

    • Hi Faye, thanks for visiting my blog.
      They are fair coments you have made, nobody wants to be responsible for promoting nonsense.
      I guess a quick check on Amazon would give you an idea, for example, 5 reviews at 4 star average isn’t a terrible book on the surface, and a peak at the comments would indicate the level of writing (we’d hope).
      Saying that, even just downloading somebody’s free book and clicking the ‘I just bought’ button to share the free purchase on Facebook or Twitter is a help for the promoter. That way, you aren’t telling the world that this book is the best thing since sliced bread, but that you are giving it a chance, and it’s free.
      We’ve all read (or started to read) books that have not been to our liking, but when you take a leap of faith in a previously unknown writer, it can be a pleasing experience, too.

  2. Julia Hughes says:

    Hi & happy to be in at the start – hope this idea takes off – I agree that a few ad-hoc retweets of tweets tagged with #iasnet & helping promote freebies by downloading & then tweeting will all help. I’m also happy to feature guests at my indie author site, Words Unlimited.

    Good luck with your freebie tomorrow – one of mine is free tomorrow until Thursday – so I’ll catch you and other IAS authors in the stream, by using the hook #iasnet:)

    Julia @tinksaid

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